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Green Coffee Benefits

Jun 5, 2014

According to recent studies when using the green coffee bean extract people do not have to do anything different like dieting and strict exercise. This amazing extract contains a natural ingredient called Chlorogenic acid. This is a powerful polyphenol antioxidant that has been observed to counter various types of cancer causing compounds. This naturally makes the green coffee bean extract boost the overall heath.When looking at cardiovascular health it is known that high concentration levels of homocysteine in blood pose risks of cardiovascular diseases. When ingested during clinical trials, the Chlorogenic acid has shown the effect of lowering the total plasmahomocysteine levels.It has also shown that it can treat hypertension. Cardiovascular health is enhanced by neutralizing free radicals and also having vitamin E regenerated.<!--more-->The green coffee beans extract have also been noted to prevent lipid and LDL degradation, as well as helping remove bad cholesterolfrom the body. By these actions damage to arteries is prevented and cardiovascular diseases limited. In the course of clinical studies where Chlorogenic acid has been ingested, both systolic and diastolic blood pressure has been notedto decrease significantly. The amazing observation is that there were no side effects.The Chlorogenic acid is said to have very positive effects on the overall blood sugar levels. Several studies on people have shown that those who use Chlorogenic acid from the green coffee bean extract are less likely to get Type 2 diabetes. This is because of the effects of the Chlorogenic acid on metabolism of the glucose in the body processes.Studies show that glucose is stored in the liver as a substance called glycogen. Thisis a long and branched chain of glucose molecules that are not soluble. The green coffee bean extract that contains the Chlorogenic acid affects theprocess known as glycogenolysis wherethe enzyme known as glucose-6-phosphatase releases free glucose into the bloodstreamand circulates to different organs in the body. If the glycogenolysis process is prevented by the Chlorogenic acid, the body gets its energy from fat cells as glucose is now not being released into the blood. This way the level of glucose in the body is controlled. This also helps to reduce the amount of fat storedand thereby assistingin weight loss.A person is able to achieve and experience the combined benefits of the green coffee bean extract through weight loss, healthy regulated blood sugar levels cardiovascular health and prevention of illnesses and diseases. This is because the high concentration of antioxidants in the green coffee beans extractswork together to bring about a healthy, happy and safe lifestyle.Green Coffee Bean is boosts metabolism even though it is not a stimulant.

What Happens at Genetic Counseling?

May 22, 2014

Much research has been done in the study of inherited diseases.  The whole genetic code for humans was mapped in the Human Genome Project.  A person’s genes can be screened, using thousands of different tests, to uncover the possibility of genetic diseases being inherited.  Genetic counseling, a brand-new area in healthcare, was developed to provide genetic counseling to families and individuals that may be affected by an inherited disease.Many ask what happens at generic counseling.  There are three steps in genetic counseling.  They are beginning risk assessment, genetic tests, and results follow-up. The genetic counseling goals are to find if there is a risk of any genetic diseases being inherited, determining which diseases can be passed on to children, seeing if an individual is a possible carrier of a disease, and to give advice to people once they know their risk of an inherited genetic condition.<!--more-->In the first step, beginning risk assessment, the family disease history, and cause of death of blood relatives, is analyzed.  The genetic counselor may ask for much information about family members or close relatives, any adoption history, and the potential of children from marriages of close relatives. You should be prepared to answer the questions completely and honestly. Errors in your answers can potentially cause significant errors in your inherited risks test results.Before the second step is started, the counselor will talk about the various genetic tests that are available and what can be discovered from performing each test.  The individual or family must decide which tests they want or if they even want to continue.  The genetic counselor cannot decide for the person, they are only there to provide advice and answer any questions.  Their job is to give information that is simple to understand about the genetic tests, help the person understand what the results mean, and explain how the knowledge of a disease risk could impact the family or individual.The follow-up or final phase happens after the genetic tests are finished and results are ready. The counselor reviews the test results with the patient and explains the amount of disease risk that the tests revealed.  The counselor may suggest a follow up appointment with a doctor or specialist. If the patient needs emotional counseling, then the counselor can give them information on support groups and organizations, and psychological counselors or therapists. The genetic counselor’s job is important.  They gather together the health history, discuss each genetic test’s pros and cons with the patient, and manage the changes which may occur as a result of their risk assessment.  What happens at genetic counseling can change the patient’s life.  It may have an impact on their health in the future, their family’s health, and even determine if they want to have children. 

When Panic Comes to Stay

Nov 21, 2014

Panic attacks are quite a common appearance in many people, resulting in symptoms which are similar to experiencing a heart attack. Therefore, many sufferers believe that they are going to die once these symptoms take place. However, this does not happen, even though panic attacks tend to come and go over and over again, especially when the person affected by them gets exposed to the same triggers of panic attacks. When these situations become excessively frequent, they tend to result in the development of a panic disorder, being a much more serious condition. Nevertheless, it can be dealt with through a right panic disorder treatment. In order to find treatment for any possible health problem, one needs to know how to diagnose it correctly. For this to be possible, symptoms need to be listed. As far as panic disorder symptoms are concerned, the main one is manifested through a series of repetitive panic attacks which have unexplainable causes. Also, people who suffer from this condition tend to fear the next bout of overwhelming panic, making matters worse. Finally, a panic disorder can escalate into something even more serious, merging with a phobia of certain places and situations, in fear that panic attacks may return.<!--more--> Therefore, a single panic attack is not the main problem. Rather, long-lasting consequences of such an episode reflects through the period afterwards – the worry, the fear, the tension and the lack of self confidence. Panic disorder treatment is, therefore, a necessity. Since the main reason behind this condition lies in the brain and one's perception of the world around him/her, cognitive-behavioral therapy has proven to be very effective for these purposes. This therapy helps the patients change their view of the situations and experiences which lead to panic attacks, grasping the view of the world in a more realistic manner, focusing on staying relaxed and confident no matter what. On the other hand, sometimes, exposure to the source of the problem can be the best solution to it. Thus, some patients show great improvement once they face their fears and causes of panic, making this an excellent panic disorder treatment. Also, this treatment includes tips and tricks for relaxing yourself, helping you cope with this encounter successfully, overcoming the fear. If the above mentioned forms of panic disorder treatment fail to give satisfactory results, medications can present an alternative, even though they should be used only as a temporary measure. Antidepressants and benzodiazepines are considered to be the most effective for this health problem. Ultimately, learning how to protect yourself from panic and fear may be the best possible panic disorder treatment. Reading about this condition and the causes behind it is bound to help you become more confident and aware. Additionally, modifying your nutrition and habits in order to stay more relaxed is certainly a plus. In fact, learning how to breathe deeply and slowly can be very important for fighting a panic attack off. Combine this with cutting down on caffeine and other stimulants and you will see the positive change in no time.